INR version for ProBID+ 2009

INR version for ProBID+ 2009 3.1

ProBID+ 2009 Infrastructure development and planning aregrowth...

ProBID+ 2009 Infrastructure development and planning aregrowth indicators of the Nation. Annual industry growth for most of the developing countries is about 4-8% while the construction varies between10-23%.

One of the main drivers of the growth is their infrastructure. This primarily depends on the construction sector. What is ProBID+ 2009The ProBID+ 2009 is a Cost Estimation, Budgeting and Planning tool is to quickly calculate cost of a project, structured on Bill of Quantities, in a database environment.

This is done in much shortest possible time than conventional applications do. The ProBID+ 2009 : Its Field of Application The ProBID+ 2009 is most suitable for construction companies engaged in project execution using most complicated resource deployment The ProBID+ 2009 : A Planning Tool Resource planning is key input for any project execution.

The ProBID+ 2009 is an innovative Planning tool, developed with extensive study and evaluation of construction companies needs from time to time.

The ProBID+ 2009 : A Resource Management Tool Resources are critical inputs to be planned and utilized with optimum usage and maximum output.

The ProBID+ 2009 is designed as a tool to perform resource management of a project that ultimately improves profitability. Building Blocks of ProBID+ 2009 5-M's of a construction project are the Manpower, Materials, Machinery, Money and Management.

Initial four M`s are the basic building blocks of the ProBID+ 2009, as Resources for its Tasks to perform. A project's Work-Breakdown Structure (WBS) is Bill of Quantities(BOQ) which is defined in ProBID+ 2009 as tasks.

Once Tasks are assigned with Resources, the ProBID+ 2009 data file is ready for a comprehensive analysis and export to the MS Project file-format.

INR version for ProBID+ 2009


INR version for ProBID+ 2009 3.1